Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Movie Review: Royal Wedding (starring Fred Astaire and Jane Powell)

I know this makes two reviews in a row, but this is such a fun quick one I couldn’t resist.

Last night we watched Royal Wedding for the first time (courtesy of Lady Éowyn who placed the hold at the library). It’s light humor for the whole family and packed with some hilarious lines:

“We want to get married.” “What? I thought you two were related.”

“She’s quiet, but deep. At least, I hope she’s deep.
If not, she’s just wasting her time being quiet.”

“I think we’re in love.” “Yes, I know.” 
“What shall we do about it?”
(I apologize for the color on this one.)

We skipped two of the dance numbers (the silly stage ones they like to stick in sometimes) and on the dress end, Ellen does have a couple strap-top dresses. But the skirts! I have a weakness for classy skirts with just the right amount of sparkle–especially poufy, swirly, sparkly skirts. ;-)

The acting was excellent and the brother-sister relationship between the leads was very well done. We had recently seen Jane Powell for the first time in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and enjoyed seeing her in this, too. I’ve always liked Peter Lawford as Laurie in the 1949 Little Women (which I received as a Christmas gift!) so I was glad to see how well they ended up handling his part in this (and, of course, he did a good job). The crowning fun was seeing Keenan Wynn (Alonzo Hawk in the Absent-Minded Professor) playing double as a pair of brothers–one in America and one in England (with corresponding vocabularies). Very funny.

If you’ve seen it, or have a chance to, let me know... (wot, wot?)



  1. Very well done indeed. :) I love the screenshots and quotes you chose! I agree that "Laurie" was great as an English gentleman. Well, "Pip, pip" for now.. or perhaps, as an American I should say "dig you."? :)


    1. *Thank you! ;-)*

      And now, dig you (I suppose). But since I like the British, too I'll add "Pip, pip (cheerio)!" :-)

  2. I had a brief "spring fling" with Peter Lawford one year, entirely sparked by this movie! If you want to read my (short) review, it's here, but for now I'll just say this is a charming and enjoyable movie, and now that you've reminded me of it, I'd like to see it again!

    1. Glad I was able to remind you! (Yes, we've seen it twice now-we tend to like watching something a couple of times when we find it-and this one is definitely fun...) :-)

      Thank you for the follow!


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