About Me

Howdy and what ho! (To quote) I feel like those go together like ice cream and whiskey -- but it's also a very apt introduction to the cogitations you'll find round here.

I'm a sinner saved by the grace of God in Christ alone, and I'm passionate about covenantal theology.

A happy wife and homemaker. Loving life as a mama. Figuring out, by God's help and grace, a little piece of this grand thing we call the adventure of life with all its ups and downs and open and closed pathways and surprises waiting round sudden corners. Practicing this living out of gratitude and thankfulness.

I love to write (historical fiction, essays, fairytales, and so on).

History is fascinating, as well as classical ballet and ethnic cookery.

I love home education, archaeology, creation science, zoos, habitat study, and garden design; the savoring of well told stories and beautifully turned phrases; and the thrill of finding Playmobils for little people.

I have a habit of getting distracted (very distracted) thinking -- most often about decluttering, home organization, the foundations of culture and suchlike.

I love sage brush, summer dust, and wide spreading places -- love it so much and so hard it aches by times. And I consider tropical water, with all its shades of turquoise, one of the most beautiful things in creation.

Finally, I thoroughly enjoy well done and oft-times funny movies and tv shows, classic films, period dramas, westerns, and all sorts of other lovely, wonderful things.

I’m so glad you visited! Be sure to leave a comment so I know you stopped by and can say hi. And do come again -- you’re always most welcome!
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