Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Riot and the Dance film **one night only**!

Hi y'all!

So I'm holding a busy baby on one side ;) and popping on to remind everyone about the showing of The Riot and the Dance happening this upcoming Monday the 19th! From the trailers etc. I'm kinda SUPER CRAZY excited (but trying not to think about it too much, you know. ;P)

"Join in the glorious uproar of creation with The Riot and the Dance, a boisterous new nature documentary featuring a biologist who was once told he would never succeed if he kept blabbing about all that silly Creator-creature nonsense. But now you can follow along with Dr. Gordon Wilson as he traverses our planet, basking in God’s masterpieces whether he’s catching wildlife in his own back yard or in the jungles of Sri Lanka. (Yeah, he did get bitten, but not by the cobra.)

Showstopping footage and powerful narration will open your eyes to the extraordinary glory found all over the animal kingdom. From leopards and langurs to vipers and elephants and beyond, The Riot and the Dance is a cinematic exploration that you won’t want to miss."

Here's a link to their website with all the details.

Is anyone else going??

Now I'm off to change a diaper and switch the laundry. I hope you're all having a great week -- talk soon!


Thursday, March 1, 2018

New blog look!

(via Pinterest)

Happy 1st of March everyone!

*waves hat frantically*

This is short and sweet just so's you all know you have a special invitation to check out my new blog look! ;)

I still have to finish some rewrites on the additional blog pages etc., but I cleaned up my sidebar -- changing things that hadn't been adjusted since I started the blog (yikes, it's really kinda scary), but I'm super pleased with how things are coming out. It feels fresh and new and clean.

I can't wait to hear what you all think! (Idea to make it more fun -- what if you jotted down three quick words it makes you think of? :) I'm really curious to see what it evokes for you.)

P.S. How is March beginning where you're at? It's coming in like a lion here...

Thursday, February 22, 2018

A reread -- and always invigorating

Loving these quotes today, all from the same source:
"Know something about the world, and by this I mean the world outside of books. This might require joining the Marines, or working on an oil rig or as a hashslinger at a truck stop in Kentucky. Know what things smell like out there. If everything you write smells like a library, then your prospective audience will be limited to those who like the smell of libraries."

"Real life duties should be preferred over real life tourism."

"Authenticity in writing will only arise from authenticity in living."

"Enjoy yourself. If you enjoy what you are living, you will enjoy writing about it. ...Writing is a form of teaching, even when it is not being didactic in some formal kind of way. And the most contagious form of teaching is when an instructor loves his material in the presence of others -- whom he also loves."

-- Wordsmithy by Douglas Wilson

Also, a big thank you to all who replied to my last post(!) and if you haven't been able to read it yet here's the link. Your input's much appreciated! ;)

~ Heidi

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Blog evaluation... your feedback appreciated! :)

Hello all, I hope you’re having a lovely Saturday!

I’ve been doing some thinking recently (spinning ideas really) on what the blog here should be/new directions I’d like to go and wanted to run them past you all for starters. (And I just had the brilliant idea of using bullet points!)
So. Without more ado, let’s do this.

  • First off, I want to write about the little, minute, and gigantic, sprawling, incredible things of life. The underside that makes the stories happen. The real Stuff of Life. Real, but not overtly raw -- at least in the introspective/wistful sense (and unless life itself happens to be particularly raw at a given time). Though, perhaps yes, on second thought, raw might be a good description. Playing around with words -- crafting magic. Thinking on deep things.
  • I’m determined and excited about just going for it and jumping into my new story this year (so… on the flip side, don’t want to take away too much valuable word hashing time from that).
  • My brain’s absorbed with the thrilling topics of clearing out sheds and lean-to’s, exciting summer travel plans, and wanting to concentrate on making some yummy (and consistent!) dinners with my new little helper. 

  • I have a kitchen full of dishes to wash; and also Amazon returns in my living room to box up (mostly different tops I was trying out, some of which were winners and some of which I’m taking advantage of Amazon’s splendid free returns option with -- one of my favorite things ever! ;)). And the floor could probably use a proactive sweeping. But I’m holding a darling, snoring little baby and the washer’s happily churning away with laundry -- so yay! (P.S. I guess this point could be titled 'The Daily Things'.)
  • Per the above, I’d like to expand into some fashion/style exploration
  • I'm thinking of keeping posts shorter (so as not to delay posting for eons, etc). What about some short, snappy book reviews? And definitely longer movie reviews, but when I have the time to give them proper attention.
  • I’ve had an author blog in the past and was debating about the practicality of trying to start it back up, when moi sister recently suggested I should combine the two into one place here. Meaning principally the Inklings link-up back(!), and possibly Quotes of the Month, and an interview now and again.


So there we have it! What do you all think? Are any of the above topics things you’d be interested in? Let me know -- I’d love to hear what you’d like to read more about!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Movie Review // The Hunt for Red October (1990) with Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin

The Hunt for Red October is emblematic of a lot of the new movies I’ve been introduced to and come to love this year, and is now securely in my top 10 favorites.

I don’t want to give away too many plot details, but set during the Cold War, it’s the first of the three original Jack Ryan films.

The solemnity, power, and majesty of the opening sequence is breathtaking.

The plot revolves around Marko Ramius, a high-ranking Soviet submarine captain who decides to defect along with most of his officers, but keeping the rest of his crew in the dark -- and all while bringing along with them their entire, state-of-the-art, newly designed nuclear sub.

The entirety of the Soviet fleet in the region is scrambling and soon hard on their heels while the Americans are (at first) puzzling out the strange anomaly bearing down on them, then under orders of their own to hunt her down.

One man, Jack Ryan (ex-Marine now an author for the CIA), is the only one completely convinced Ramius intends to change sides. In a race against the clock and the Red Navy, he ends up arguing his case in Washington and ultimately taking a rough chopper ride – dropping quite literally into the frigid waters of the North Sea to get aboard the gutsy American sub the Dallas, which has been trailing Ramius.

Speaking of which, the whole transferring-from-helicopter-to-submarine section is one of my top favorite parts: so crazy and plucky and risky and determined… and laced throughout with great, subtle humor.

Back to Ramius. He has experienced huge recent tragedy in his own life, but he doesn’t get bogged down in grief and depression. Yet you don’t get the sense he’s bottling everything up and lashing out either. Instead, he’s moving forward, giving himself to action.

Distinguished and masterful, with the weightiness of authority, he’s a leader of men, yet exhibiting at times glints of gentleness and humor.

The sheer audacity and wit involved in pulling off such a scheme is amazing -- especially keeping his whole crew in the dark yet fighting fiercely throughout for their current and future safety.

*SPOILERS* The whole ending scene with Vasily is SO SAD. I cried the first time I saw it. And I think the second time too. *END SPOILERS*

The crew of the Dallas is just simply plucky and daring and serious and fun. Like cowboys loose under the ocean. (In a similar way to how my husband describes Captain Kirk in Star Trek, most of which I’ve also come to love this year. ;)) Good camaraderie is always one of my favorite story elements. Spirited ribbing and joking under pressure while running against life and death stakes, it’s the stuff of which epic adventures are made.

And the no-nonsense Captain Bart Mancusa is a great example of leadership in his own right.

*SPOILERS* Another favorite sequence is the teamwork and back-and-forth exchange of command in the final scenes. Really like that part.

(And I couldn’t find a terribly good screencap, for this, but I also love the diplomatic statecraft scenes in Washington, with their hilarious dry humor on an ambassadorial level.)

As far as content, there’s one scene with Jack taking a shower and shaving that shows his shoulders, and there’s some language throughout, but it’s… traditional (not modern swear words, if that makes sense). And it’s an action film, but there’s not too much blood and you can see it coming.

Last but CERTAINLY not least, it has a thrilling musical score. The depth and tempo and power of Russian music never fails to give me tingles.

It may sound cliché, but each time I’ve seen The Hunt for Red October, I find myself thinking about what I’m doing on a daily level, knowing it counts, and wanting to make sure to live in such a way that it makes a difference. Even on the most regular, ordinary day ever.

Well crafted and well written, it’s moving and inspiring and most definitely makes you want to stand up and cheer at the end.

Posted for Hamlette and Quiggy’s Inspirational Heroes Blogathon, which you can read more about (plus links to all the other entries) here.

Tell me! Have you seen The Hunt for Red October? What do you think? 

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