Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Including a most fascinating hypothesis on Vermeer…

This week we’re up for a link (or two or three… :-))


Quiet by James Jacques-Joseph Tissot

I’ve added a new post to my page of quotes on the delights of reading here.


Gentleman and Lady Drinking Wine by Jan Vermeer

My dad ran across this fascinating hypothesis about the work of the Dutch painter Vermeer and it was so interesting I thought I’d share it. The idea is that Vermeer’s work might be something like 350 year old photographs! Here’s the link.

And #3:

If you happen to like BBC P&P ’95, the P&P ’95 Forever Club is working up to 100 members—with a special possible bonus for the next few members to join. So, if you’re interested (and not already a member), you might like to check it out! Here’s the link for that: pandp95forever.blogspot.com


  1. The article about Vermeer was INCREDIBLE!!! I was absolutely blown away by that man's discovery. (I read and enjoyed this post when you first wrote it, but haven't gotten around to telling you so until now!)

    1. Victoria, I so agree. Wasn't it amazing??? And thanks so much for coming back to comment -- I really appreciated it!

      Btw (not to put you in suspense or anything ;-)), but I finished The Princess and the Prince while traveling and I'm hoping to do a review soon. :-)


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