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'09 Emma Dresses: A Guest Post by Naomi

Naomi (who blogs most delightfully at her lovely Wonderland Creek) has prepared this fun costume study for me to share with you all! (And a quick note: this study is for the ’09 version of Emma, a review of which will shortly be forthcoming…)

And now—please welcome Naomi!! (And thank you so very much, m’dear! ;))

~ ~ ~

Firstly a big thank you to Heidi for organising this jolly event and giving me the honour of guest posting at her blog!

Romola Garai’s Emma’s wardrobe is, according to myself, perfection. Feminine, simple, charming, flowery, gentle and yet special and clever. I just love it to pieces. She has many dresses and here, in no particular order, are my twelve favourites:

#1 Emma’s youthful dress

This is the dress Emma wears in her ‘teenage’ years. When she still wears her hair down and plays with dollies… sort of.

As you can see, it’s white, and has a colourful ribbon tied around her waist. This dress really has a youthful look about it, I think – her others are more ‘grown’ up than this one. A very sweet dress, although not my absolute favourite of her dresses.

#2 Emma’s light blue dress

Again, not an absolute favourite, although very Emma-ish and pretty. It’s just slightly too poufy and loose-fitting for a Regency dress, I think. But what I really like about the dress is the little chain watch at the waist… it shows that Emma is a ‘rich’ girl. The dress can also be worn without the chemisette.

#3 Emma’s salmon coloured dress

I didn’t quite know what to name this comfortable-looking dress, so I just went with its colour – salmon colour. Again, there’s a thick ribbon with long strands at the back… making the dress look very comfortable. The white shirt underneath finishes the look completely.

#4 Emma’s pink dress

Emma looks absolutely beautiful in the pink dress! I love her matching rosy ribbon in her hair, and the exquisite silk ribbon and frilled chemisette!

#5 Emma’s ‘ship-court’ dress

I called this Emma’s ‘ship-court’ dress because she wore it in the scene where her empty-head friend tries to solve Mr Elton’s riddle. ‘Ship-court!’ ‘No, Harriet. Courtship!’

Again, another day dress which looks very comfortable and casual. This one looks nice and warm too – probably recommended by her father, heehee. I absolutely adore the detail at the edges – it has a greek, gothic feel to it which was very popular during that time period.

#6 Emma’s coat

Yes, yes, I know – this isn’t a dress. It’s Emma’s coat and just too pretty not to add. Besides, it looks a little like a dress. Sheesh. 

This looks like such a warm coat! It’s so pretty with those embroidery details at the front and that ‘Christmassy’ look. Beautiful!

#7 Emma’s sea-blue dress

So sweet! I love the contrast between those red ribbons on the greeny-blue dress. This dress can also be worn without the white chemisette.

#8 Emma’s brown dress

Emma wears this to the strawberry-picking event… a beautiful, natural, brown sprigged gown. Very light, fluttery, summery and beautiful!

#9 Emma’s argument dress

I call this one Emma’s ‘argument’ dress because she wears it in the scene where she and Mr Knightley have their argument. 

Anyway, another beautiful dress with another beautiful ribbon and some more beautiful, patterned fabric. During the regency time, colours such as these- dark, rich, exotic colours- were often more expensive… this dress must not have been one of Emma’s cheapest gowns!

#10 Emma’s engagement dress

Who does not like this dress? It’s absolutely darling! Part of the reason I love it is because it’s the dress she wears in my absolute favourite scene in the movie… her engagement scene! The sweetest dress for the sweetest scene ever!

#11 Emma’s ball gown

Ahhh. I love this dress so much! To start with it’s pink, it has puffed sleeves and it’s just scrumptiously pretty! No more to say… just perfect!

#12 Emma’s orange flowered dress

Normally I’m not particularly fond of orange dresses, but this one. is. just. amazing. I want.

Firstly, the design. So old-fashioned, so scrumptious, so festive. Secondly, the frothiness at the top… it’s just a very sweet pattern. Very simple, but very elegant. And thirdly, I really like the way she matches the dress with a darker shawl and a string of small orange pearls.

So, don’t you agree?
Is this not the best wardrobe ever?


  1. You are welcome, Heidi! I really enjoyed putting this post together - Emma's dresses are a delight to study! :-)

  2. Lovely post, Naomi! Both the salmon and "ship-court" dresses are favorites of mine too; I always love that white blouse under the jumper look. I think her "argument" dress with its rich warmth of coloring would make a lovely gown for Christmas. Oh, and her engagement dress and orange flowered dress are simply pretty perfection!!!

  3. I just love all your selections, Naomi! And I had to make special mention of her red pelisse.... :) Sooo gorgeous!!!

    And thank you again.... I'm so glad you enjoyed it! ;)


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