Wednesday, November 19, 2014

L.M.M. & the Liebster (Tags)

Over the last two weeks I’ve been catching up on fun tags that occurred before or during the Emma week and today is the last of them. :) Do enjoy! 


First is a tag from Naomi’s blog Montgomery Love. I haven’t discussed L.M.M. much here to date, but she’s definitely one of my favorite authors so I set to work most happily on the tag. 

~ What is your favourite Montgomery book? The Blue Castle. There are pros and cons, but it’s definitely my favorite. 

~ What is your least favourite? Pat of Silverbush. 

~ Who's your favourite character (of any book) and why? Some of my favorites are from the short stories, but for a full length one—Barney Snaith. And because...(hem!)...well, because he's quite utterly and simply himself.

~ Why do you like Montgomery's books? Altogether her stories can be such a wonderful dose of sweetness while her descriptive passages are rich—often refreshing—and always thoroughly amazing. 

~ Share your favourite Montgomery (or one of her heroines etc.) quote(s): There being several hundred possible selections, I’ll go with the first two springing to mind (both from Anne of the Island): 

‘Of all sad words of tongue or pen the saddest are it might have been,’” quoted Priscilla tragically, lifting the cushion. “This cake is now what you might call a flat failure…” 

“Long after Pacifique’s gay whistle had faded into the phantom of music and then into silence far up under the maples of Lover’s Lane Anne stood under the willows, tasting the poignant sweetness of life when some great dread has been removed from it. The morning was a cup filled with mist and glamor. In the corner near her was a rich surprise of new-blown, crystal-dewed roses. The trills and trickles of song from the birds in the big tree above her seemed in perfect accord with her mood.”

~ What's your favourite costume of one of the movies? I love the late Victorian/Edwardian styles in the Anne movies and most particularly all the white ensembles, but my absolute favorite—the dress that started me off with a love of historical fashion at the early age of seven or so—is Diana’s peach going-away dress:

~ Do you like, love or adore her books/movies/style/you-know? I do have to be careful how much I read all at once (or internally I tend to go a little too mushy)—but, in short, I absolutely love it!!! 

…and this is practically perfect romance… 


And Joanna (from her blog The Squirrel’s Diary) tagged me with the Liebster Award! So here are my answers to her questions: 

1. Favorite book of the Bible ~ I actually purposefully try not to pick a favorite, but I do end up reading Ecclesiastes and some of Paul’s letters over a lot.

2. Favorite part of Christmas ~ Christmas music—in many wonderful and delightful ways, shapes, and forms.

3. Milk or dark chocolate ~ Dark.

4. Least favorite movie and why ~ One least liked and (I think) little known selection is The Story of Seabiscuit starring Shirley Temple. It was based on the real story of the racehorse and (as there is a difference between artistic license and a disregard of facts) we found it disappointing. Even as a story in it’s own right it was much less than we’d hoped for. Much less. There were some problems with character development and…yes, well…you see I have some issues with it. 

5. Favorite actor/actress ~ I have a lot of favorites, but two classic ones are: 

Richard Greene 

and Jane Powell.

6. Ketchup or mustard ~ Ketchup.

7. Ever been outside the US ~ Yes. Canada several times!

8. Dogs or cats ~ About equally.

9. Least favorite food ~ I’m not much of a soup person.

10. Favorite beauty product ~ Calcium (actually)—by a topical application. :)

Thanks again for the tag, Joanna!


  1. Oh, Heidi, I'm so glad you did this!

    The Blue Castle is my favourite too - it always will be. I just love it to pieces. Guess what? I ordered myself a copy for Christmas. I only had it on Kindle before. :-)

    Barney Snaith! Oh my goodness - I had the same answer, remember? He's such a nice chap- I love the way Montgomery describes him. Tawney, twisty smile... Hem, yes, you know what I mean, don't you!

    I'm so glad I found someone who loves TBC (and Barney :) as much as I!

    Gosh, yes Diana's peach dress is gorgeous!

    1. Naomi,
      You're most welcome!! It was a lot of fun. :) (Some of the questions actually rather stumped picking a favorite quote?!?!?! ;) I started flipping through going, "I can't transcribe this entire page....or this one....or this one...or this one....!!!!!!" So I pretty much used the Phillippa Gordon method---minus shutting my eyes and jabbing with a hat pin---and selected the first two that sprang to mind. ;))

      And yay for your new copy of Blue Castle!! Yes, my copy's actually almost quite literally loved to pieces (the cover will be coming off soon). :) And yes....oh, my....Barney....he's....yes....hem! Well...we've discussed this before and you understand me. It's such a comfort. (And there, that's another Anne quote from somewhere. :)) Somehow TBC (and Barney) aren't very well known---and it's soooo utterly wonderful to periodically exchange kindred spirit delightedness. ;)

      (And I'm so glad you like the peach dress!)

    2. Yes, it's so, so nice to have found someone who shares my TBC love. I really don't understand why it's so not-well-known. :-)

  2. We are on the same page about Christmas music and Jane Powell. I have to make myself wait until after Thanksgiving to start playing Christmas music, and I always give up about a week before. I just love to listen to it. :-)

    And Jane Powell is wonderful. I love her in Seven Brides, but she's great in Royal Wedding, too.

    1. Joanna,
      Yes, Christmas is definitely one of my absolute favorite times of the year and I love the music!

      And (obviously) I agree about Jane Powell---my preference is just switched: Royal Wedding and then Seven Brides. (Quite funny, that. ;))

  3. I've added "The Blue Castle" to my to-read list :-) All I've read by LMM are the Anne books (over and over) and the Emily books (once each).

    I need to see more Jane Powell movies. I've seen Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, of course, and Royal Wedding. That's it.

    1. Hamlette,
      Oh, good!!! Most excellent. ;)

      And I actually haven't seen a tremendous amount of Jane Powell either--but I really like her style and particular sparkle. :) If you run across anything good be sure to let me know and I'll do likewise.


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