Friday, November 7, 2014

The Janeite Tag x 2

Before the Emma party both Joanna (of The Squirrel’s Diary) and Hamlette (of The Edge of the Precipice) tagged me with the Janeite Tag, and (as one can never have too much Austen :)) here are my answers!

First, I’m to list a fact about myself and Austen. Here’s an interesting one: I saw the 1940, the ’87, and the ’05 P&P’s—all three—before seeing the ’95 in its entirety.

Joanna’s Questions:

1. Which elder sister would you rather have--Jane or Elinor? ~ Jane. She’s such a delightfully sweet and caring confidante and mentor—and she makes such a lovely friend and older sister. (But Elinor has many of the same qualities.)

2. Least favorite heroine? ~ Catherine Morland. I know, it's a bit shocking (and hopefully Certain Friends will still speak to me after this ;)), but she really does irritate me at times… I need to reread it again, though.

3. Which friendship best describes you and your best friend? (i.e., mine would be Jane and Lizzie) ~ I actually have several close friendships and all of them (except maybe my friendships with my sisters) could probably be similar to Emma and Miss Taylor/Mrs. Weston’s. 

4. Least favorite hero? ~ I don’t really have a least favorite, but maybe Edward Ferrars? I don’t dislike him, though—he’s just not as strongly developed.

(And note: this does not apply to film versions—in two of which I like him a great deal. :))

5. Would you rather visit Bath or Brighton? ~ “A campful of soldiers” or streets with “odd looking men walking about who are said to be sailors”? Bath. :)

6. Would you rather have dinner with Mrs. Elton or Lady Catherine? ~ Mrs. Elton. Such a dinner could be highly diverting.

7. Do you know any English country dances? (because I'm jealous if you do) ~ Yes! (And they’re very fun. ;)) 

Hamlette’s Questions:

1. Would you rather board with the Bennets or the Tilneys for a fortnight? ~ I think I would like the neighborhood of Longbourn…so the Bennets. 

2. Would you rather have Edmund Bertram or Edward Ferrars as your pastor? ~ Edmund Bertram. While I respect Edward (and think he probably has the following as well), Edmund has such a depth of character and clear-sighted concern for righteous living.

3. If you could play any Austen character in a play or movie production, who would you want to portray? ~ Lizzy, but I’d probably be best as Elinor.

4. Which Austen book makes you laugh the most? (Or do you not laugh over any of them?) ~ As a whole, I think P&P is the funniest, but Henry Tilney, Mr. Knightley, and Captain Wentworth are the three characters who’ve actually made me smile/laugh aloud while reading.

5. How many times have you read your favorite Austen book? ~ Generally, I refer to P&P as my favorite, but I’ve read Persuasion (my other top favorite) about three or four times.

6. Which Austen parents do you think do the best job of parenting? ~I’ve always been intrigued by the Wentworths (as in Captain Wentworth’s parents). We never meet them, but (minus CW’s conflict—out of which he comes very well :)) all their children (Mrs. Croft, Mr. Wentworth the vicar, and others you hear about at the end) are so warm and balanced. I think the Wentworths must have done an excellent job parenting.

7. If you could make a new movie version of any Austen book, which one would you adapt, and who would you cast? (Feel free to get as detailed as you want, or just cast the principals -- your choice.) ~ The 80’s version of Mansfield Park is very good, but I think we could also use another long version as well. Two ideas for the leads are:

Roger from Wives and Daughters (I think he could make a perfect Edmund)

and Peggy from Return to Cranford. While she does have brown instead of china blue eyes, I think she could do an excellent job portraying Fanny’s balance of simplicity, uncertainty, quiet observation, deep love, and strength of character.

Thank you for the tag/s, Hamlette and Joanna! Great questions!! :)


  1. Roger WOULD make a perfect Edmund! Never thought about that before!

    1. Naomi,
      Wouldn't he?? I think the idea's pretty fascinating...

  2. Good answers! I'm so jealous of you people that know English Country dances. I'd love to learn if I ever found classes. They look so fun.

    And I agree with you about Edward. He's very sweet, but he's a bit boring to me, which could be, like you say, because his character is less developed than some of the other heroes.

    1. Joanna --
      Thank you! And I'm glad you agree about Edward... He does have strength of character (for instance, he stands by his word to Lucy) so yes, I think it's probably just because it was one of Austen's earlier works.

  3. I'm Never Speaking To You Again! Unless, of course, you promise not to stop speaking to me when I say that Edmund Bertram is my least-favorite hero and I think he's completely dull.

    I like your thoughts on the Wentworths, as I hadn't considered them at all. Very perspicacious!

    1. Hamlette,
      Uh oh.... Oh dear... what I was afraid of has come upon me. ;P *cough cough* Actually, you and one other dear friend of mine count NA as top favorites so it took me a very great deal of courage to write that. :) And yes....*think think think* (in Winnie-the-Pooh voice)....yes, I shall forgive you about Edmund Bertram---though I foresee we shall have to have some sort of discussion about him at a future date... ;)

      And now (since we're all being magnanimous and still speaking to one another) would you care to check out my new read-along blog?? :) I've got it mostly set up ready to start Persuasion January 5. I wanted to get it arranged beforehand as I'll probably post about it after Thanksgiving. Here's the link. Let me know what you think! :)

    2. Weeeeeeeeeell.. NA kind of ties with P&P for second place in my list of favorite JA books. It's no Persuasion.

      I love the new blog! Quick question: HOW did you get the Google Friend Connect (followers) gadget?!?!?!?!?!? I want to put it on my recipe blog, but I can't find it anymore! Is it just called something different now and I'm missing it?

      Now hurry up and create a button for the blog as a whole so I can add it to my TEOTP sidebar.

    3. Hamlette --
      I see....quite understandable. I think if I had to choose P&P and Persuasion would tie for first place, with Mansfield Park following. (Though recently, of course, I've also been pretty floored by Emma. ;))

      And I'm so glad you love the new blog! It's been tremendous fun to work on. And the Google Friend Connect gadget.... It's hiding a bit (so initially it took me a bit of searching), but it is in with all the other gadgets, but under the "More Gadgets" tab (with the contact form, daily calendar, "share it", fish, etc.) You have to scroll down quite a ways, but then ta da! There it is!

      And (per your request :)) I made a button for the Literary Adventures. Thanks for reminding me! It's on the Literary Adventures sidebar, complete with grab-box, etc. I've tested it and I think it's good to go. Let me know what you think of it!!

    4. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! See, I was silly and used their "search" function to search for the followers gadget, and it never brought it up, so I thought it was gone. Whew. Added it to my cooking blog Right This Minute.

      The button is cute! Added to my book blog Right This Minute too. And it works :-)

    5. Hamlette,
      You're welcome! So glad you found it.... Btw, I have been following your cooking blog, too, but I opted to do it via email so I could file all the recipes (hence I've already definitely been enjoying all the updates ;))!

      And I'm so glad you like the LAATB button! I was pretty pleased with the strong literary flavor--and also the "B" on the stamp...."B", "books", "Brandywine"...fairly exciting. ;) Thanks so much for putting it up!!

    6. Yeah, I put the email and Bloglovin' ones up cuz I couldn't find this one, and also I knew a couple people who might want to follow it who don't blog, like my friend who gave me the recipe for pumpkin spice lattes. (She told me the next Sunday how excited she was to see I'd liked it enough to put it on the blog :-D)

      Did you take the LAATB button photo yourself? If so, what book is it? Looks old and gorgeous.

    7. Hamlette,
      Nooooo, I didn't. Eowyn ran across the picture somewhere a while ago and shared it the other day when I was trying to find something that would work. ;p And you're right, gorgeous exactly describes it.... :)


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