Thursday, January 8, 2015

Announcing… A New (And Highly Exciting) Blog & A Giveaway!!!

The grand day has arrived… I’ve launched yet another new blog! It’s part of my new author website (which I’ve been building of late) and I’m hugely excited. For part of the grand launch I’m giving away a copy of both Ellen and Tales for Little Ears—so do hurry over to check out the giveaway. Here’s the blog/website link and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

(And note: I’ve posted more details over on the new blog, but—to be quite clear—Along the Brandywine here will remain the same and growing—with plenty of book and movie reviews, tags, reflections, photos, etc! ;))


Oh, you're thinking of leaving a comment! How entirely lovely -- thank you and please do!! :) I just ask that all comments be God-honoring and edifying. (And btw, I LOVE comments on old posts! ;))

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