Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Grand Birthday Game!

Having blogs as sisters is one of the best (and occasionally most challenging!) bits of all this wonderful bloggy business and (seeing as how our real-life birthdays fall exactly one week apart) we wanted to share the birthday fun with all of you dear friends! So (in the midst of our very full week ;)) comes also the time for our Very First Game Ever! 

Following are fifteen A/B questions with Heidi as ‘A’ and Éowyn as ‘B’ (or vice versa) and your exciting job is to guess which is which. We’re posting the identical questions on both our blogs (Éowyn’s is here), so if you follow both of us, feel free to leave your answers in either place. (Or you can leave them in both and we’ll keep your highest score. ;))

We’re turning on comment moderation until the answers are officially posted next week, and also, when commenting with your answers you can just use one or other name and we’ll know that the other person is either A or B. Each answer is worth 10 points with a total of 150 points that can be earned.

Now do have fun everyone and we hope lots of you play!! :)

The Game

1. Darcy or Bingley?

2. Amazing mountains (and casting)…or amazing staging (and casting)—i.e. favorite Sound of Music?

3. Romance out west…(super sweet romance).
In other words, our favorite Zane Grey. :)

4. A hairstyle we each dream of:

5. A Lizzy dress: sea-foam green under sheer…or the orange of autumn leaves? 

6. A favorite Cinderella. We actually (to varying degrees) both like both of these, but—you know—if we were absolutely, positively forced to choose.

7. Which of these highly loved books ends up on our respective bedside pile oftenest:

8. A favorite period drama ending. Just because…

9. Favorite Scottish adventure film? (A field of very strong opinion, indeed.) 

10. Favorite nursing series.

11. Apart from somewhere we’d both like to go (somewhere with miles and miles of turquoise and azure blue water—which wouldn’t exactly give us an A or B answer) two other overseas adventures: an African safari or riding over the Argentinean mountains?

12. Singer-songwriters:

13. We both think this salad looks simply magnificent, but the question is for which enthralling field of study we each find most fascinating—nutrition or dinosaur tracks.

14. Our favorite classic western? And you don’t have to know the names, just A or B. (We really can’t tell you the names, ‘cause…yes, well…you get the idea.)

15. And…(since we’re both writing westerns), whose is set in which place?

We hope you all had fun and can’t wait to see your answers! :)


    This is so much fun! I don't think it's going to be too easy for me, as I don't 'know' your sister as well as you, but I'm definitely giving it a try! :-)

    #1. You are Darcy, Eowyn is Bingley (well, not literally, you know :-P)
    #2. You are B.
    #3. You are A.
    #4. You are definitely A. :-)
    #5. You are A.
    #6. You are A?
    #7. You are A... or have you changed your opinion since we last talked? :-)
    #8. You are B.
    #9. You are B? Just a guess.
    #10. No idea. I'm going for B - you are B.
    #11. You are A - because B looks very Eowyn-like. :-)
    #12. You are B
    #13. You are A
    #14. You are A (because I recognise that second picture for Eowyn's profile picture, heehee.)
    #15. I'm guessing yours is set in B. :-)

    Thank you, this was fun!!! I'm so glad you did this!
    And again, HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS, girls!

    ~ Naomi

  2. What a fun game! Okay, my guesses are...

    1. 1. Heidi - B
    2. 2. Eowyn - A
    3. 3. Heidi - A
    4. 4. Eowyn - B
    5. 5. Heidi - B
    6. 6. Eowyn - B
    7. 7. Heidi - A
    8. 8. Eowyn - A
    9. 9. Heidi - A
    10. 10. Eowyn - A
    11. 11. Heidi - A
    12. 12. Eowyn - A
    13. 13. Heidi - A
    14. 14. Eowyn - A
    15. 15. Heidi - B

    I do I did that correctly.

  3. This looks so fun!!! It took me a minute to figure out how to play, so I hope I figured it out right. :)
    Here goes....
    1) Heidi-A Eowyn-B
    2) Eowyn-A Heidi-B
    3) Eowyn-A Heidi-B
    4) Heidi-A Eowyn-B
    5) Eowyn-A Heidi-B
    6) Heidi-A Eowyn-B
    7) Heidi-A Eowyn-B
    8) Eowyn-A Heidi B
    9) Heidi-A Eowyn-B (this one was easy, haha ;))
    10) Eowyn-A Heidi-B
    11) Heidi-A Eowyn-B
    12) Goodness, I have no idea...Heidi-A, Eowyn-B?
    13) Eowyn-A Heidi-B
    14) Heidi-A Eowyn-B (this was the easiest yet :D)
    15) Oh wow....both places are so beautiful. I'm going to guess Heidi-A Eowyn-B

    Thanks for this SUPER fun game! I can't wait to see how well I know you! :)

  4. Oh my. This is tricksy! Okay, here goes:

    1. B = Heidi
    2. A = Heidi
    3. B = Heidi
    4. A = Heidi
    5. B = Heidi
    6. B = Heidi (total stab in dark)
    7. B = Heidi
    8. B = Heidi
    9. B = Heidi (I hope, cuz it's mine!)
    10. A = Heidi
    11. A = Heidi
    12. B = Heidi
    13. A = Heidi
    14. A = Heidi (and I can name both movies, bwahaha)
    15. B = Heidi

    Happy birthday to you both!!!! Belatedly :-)


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