Monday, July 27, 2015

Western Week!! And a bit of a ramble....

Happy Monday everyone and I hope you all had a lovely start to the week! This is a quick note to be sure you all know Emma Jane and Olivia are kicking off their Legends of Western Cinema Week today!

(Isn't this lovely?)

I'm very much hoping to participate later in the week and I've been tossing around various ideas. Of course, I'd love to do a Zorro post of some sort.... but there are a couple hefty factors weighing against such a proposition.

#1: I don't feel it's quuuuiiiite the right era (being California in the early 1800's under imperial Spain, etc). There are a couple 90's episodes that might work..... BUT I'm also trying to save those for my splendiferous "January" plans. ;D

#2: I really really REALLY need to be focusing on my short story A Flame Shall Spring and (unfortunately) you-know-what rather inhibits my concentration. 

See what I mean?

Hence, I'm currently on a course of self-imposed abstinence. Thankfully, it doesn't seem to be having at all the same effect with David's Shoulders, so after I finish a good chunk of AFSS I shall return to life as usual.... and then the stories can really fly! ;)

So! Okay. All that to say, for the Legends of Western Cinema Week I'm hoping to do a review of the classic Stagecoach starring John Wayne. We shall see! And meanwhile, I wanted to make sure you all knew about the gala event early on in the week so you have time to participate if you like. I do hope you can join in!

(And just look at that.... I got some Zorro pictures up for the western week after all! ;))


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Heidi! :-) I hope you get around to posting something this week (though I understand totally about the Call of Current Projects...;-D)

    1. Emma,
      You're welcome and I finished my review! ;) Yay!!! You'll find the link over in your comments sections. I'm so glad you did this as I'd been wanting to do a review for a while and it gave me the push to actually do it!

  2. Replies
    1. Miss Evelyn -- thanks for commenting! ;D

  3. A Stagecoach review would be cool! Here's hoping you have time to do it.

    Zorro is very distracty. And you know he enjoys that fact immensely.

    1. Hamlette,
      It took two laaaaaate nights, but I just finished and posted!! Looking forward to hearing what you think. ;)

      And hee! Talk about it. :D


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