Wednesday, December 23, 2015

New Cinderella Titles!

Thank you all SO much for your wonderful excitement about the Cinderella party and a tremendous thank you to all of you who have been posting and sharing buttons, etc! Per your splendid suggestions, I've added quite a few fascinating new books and films to the list. :) There are still quite a few titles open (including a number of books that might be fun to read the week of Christmas between the 25th and New Year's), so be sure to share the list with any friends and fellow story lovers you think might be interested! You can see the original/updated post HERE

I hope you're all having a wonderful last-two-days till Christmas. :) We were out all day yesterday and now (though I'm working through somewhat of a foggy cold), I'm busy finishing up some packages and enjoying this blustery, sunshiny day.

Tell me! Are you all ready for Christmas?


  1. This party is going to be so much fun! :-)

    I hope your cold goes away! I've got one too, and so does Rosie . . . it just seems to be going around (sadly).

    1. jessica,
      I'm sooo glad you're looking forward to it!! ;D

      And thank you -- it does seem to be going around, doesn't it? I hope you and Rosie feel better soon, too!


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