Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August! & The Epic West

Wow. So here we are in August. AUGUST. And oh, it’s lovely! Crazy busy, but lovely and beautiful and marvelous. There are so many things spinning through my head right now it’s dizzifying.

But ohh I miss you all and can’t wait to be posting more regularly come October-November-ish! (At which time I’m hoping to have a grand comment-replying-extravaganza as well. Trust me. I’m getting each and every one of your wonderful comments, and whenever one pops up in my email it brings a huge smile and such a warm happy feeling. ;))

I snapped this picture recently. Russian Sage. It's a common landscape plant
out in Colorado and Wyoming and other such glorious places and seems to grow 
EVERYWHEREI'm really looking forward to seeing if it'll grow on a sunny 
hillside back of  my new homestead after I settle in!

Seriously. Wedding planning is one of the wildest experiences ever. Continuing to build one particular new relationship and at the same time communicating with almost every. single. person. you know in all the different circles of your life -- immediate family, extended family, church family, friends all across the country (including you lovelies), local neighborhood acquaintances… While analyzing and reanalyzing sandals, and music, and pictures, and registries, and hotel rooms for guests, and… and… and… All while figuring out this whole moving across the country thing at the same time. Add in a few quick and splendiferous installments of summer travels and you have the makings of some bursting-full days. ;)

I just realized this button is actually hilariously perfect.
I'm afraid it's very much my expression when a new thing lands
on the to do list at the moment. ;D

BUT. In the meanwhile! Emma and Olivia are also hosting their Western Week again!! Yay!!! And ohh I’m soooo excited!! *coughs* This is a big sewing week so I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to do for it, but I *do* have some notes written up for a quick movie review, so if I can properly string some sentences together with a few pictures I’ll have that to contribute. (It's really one more thing respectfully soliciting yet more of your lovely comments. ;D)

Hamlette’s also hosting a big western giveaway here and do hop over to Emma’s or Olivia’s to join in the epicness!

How is your summer going? Did you have any adventures this summer or any you’re looking forward to?


  1. I Am Going On An Adventure on Thursday :-D Which I think I've told you about.

    Wedding planning is probably one of my least-favorite things ever. Getting my wisdom teeth pulled was better. It was soooooooo much work and hassle. Glad yours will be done soon!

  2. Wow--I can imagine you must be SO SO SO BUSY right now! Good luck with all the rest of your wedding planning!! :-)

    I've been writing a lot--I've gotten to around 30000 words in my WW2/Holocaust novel--which is super exciting! I love writing so much and this novel in particular has been an amazing experience for me. I can't wait to write more :-)

  3. It's August and now I'm officially eighteen. I'm getting ready for college, which is an EXPERIENCE. Basically, a busy summer. WESTERN WEEK! So happy that they're doing it again :)

  4. Hahaha! That photo made me laugh aloud! I can easily imagine making that face if I had a to-do list as big as yours.

    You've been in my thoughts and prayers, dear friend! SO excited for all that's in store for you! :D

    Well, with my birthday in the past, the biggest adventure on the rapidly-approaching horizon is the one you know about...one I'm Really Really Really excited about. :D (!!!)

  5. Glad you are moving back to this side of the country! Just got back from a week long mission trip at Sacred Road Ministries in Yakama, and looking forward to a dear friends wedding next Sunday. After that, back to Boise and school! God bless you, friend!

  6. Haha! Yes, that button really does depict the overwhelming-ness of your life right now, I'm sure! :D

    Thanks ever so much for participating--I appreciate it! :)


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