Thursday, August 21, 2014

Western trip pictures #2: Setting Out, the Badlands, and the Black Hills

After a wonderful week visiting, shopping, and getting ready, I set out with my uncle, aunt, and cousins for some wonderful adventures!

We saw the Green Man in Blue Earth, MN

And an interesting metal art place off the freeway

Visited Badlands National Park

And counted Wall Drug signs.

We hiked up around the bottom of Mount Rushmore

And I think my uncle took this picture for me when we were going through one of the tunnels on the Needles Highway

Cathedral Spires

Hiking round Sylvan Lake in Custer State Park

Trail riding—also in Custer State Park

One of the “wild” burros in Custer State Park (just outside the window)

And then about a mile down the road we came round a corner to this…on either side of the road

Then out across WY to the Cody Museum and rodeo

(I got this one for Eowyn.) The sign reads: “Gary Cooper used this revolver in a number of western movies, including Veracruz and his most famous film, High Noon.”

The moose we saw

I love the art section of that museum, too! They have several Bierstadtsand this time I also discovered and particularly loved “Tumbleweeds” by Clyde Aspevig.


  1. Hahahaha! The Jolly Green Giant! You were quite close to where I went to college, then. Just about an hour south, in fact. My grandparents live in northern Iowa, so I went to visit them a couple times while I was in college, and we would drive down to I-90 to get to them and pass that statue.

    Did you visit Wall Drug? I remember being rendered agog by it as a child.

    And that sign about cowboys. May I snurch that? I could see using it as my desktop background...

    You went to the Cody museum. I might cry. I was there once, when I was maybe 10, and became a firm fan of both Frederic Remington and Charles Russell. Still love them. When I was in high school, my dad talked about roadtripping back there again, but it never worked out. Sniff. Perhaps I'll get there with my own kids some time. I have like four snippets of memory of that museum, and it would be amazing to see if they match anything still there.

    1. Really?? That is exciting! Btw, it's so funny you should mention I-90. We used to travel on it all the time at the other end visiting family (out in WA and ID), so now whenever we get on it out here it's almost kind of homey. :-) Pretty funny, I know.

      And yes, we did visit Wall Drug! It's quite the place. I picked out a vital camping item while I was there--a mug (with a buffalo on it, of course). Coffeeee!

      And on the sign. Absolutely! I downsized it to put up here. Would you like me to send you one at full resolution?

      They'd changed the museum a bit since I was there a couple years ago, but as always it's huge and fascinating! :-) That Remington section is incredibly interesting. I've looked at a lot of his paintings, but since visiting I'd like to learn more about him. He sounds like he was quite a character--jolly and outgoing. I do hope you can make that trip sometime!

    2. Yes, please send me a bigger version! It makes me smile :-)

      We used to travel I-90 allllll the time too, going from MI to IA to visit family every single summer. When I was in college, we took part of it to get from college to where friends and Cowboy lived in WI, so that section of it also feels homey.

  2. Enjoyed the photos! Looks like you visited a lot of fascinating places!

    1. Bethany, I'm so glad you enjoyed them! And yes, it was a pretty thrilling trip. :-)

  3. These pictures are great Heidi! Your trip looked like it was lots of fun - and educational might I add! May I ask what kind of camera you used? The picture quality is really nice. :-)

    1. So glad you like them, Sarah! The entire trip was pretty marvelous. :-) On the camera: it's a Canon PowerShot Elph 100 HS. We have a couple of them and they're really pretty superb little cameras. My dad actually found the one I have for a good deal on Craigslist.

    2. Again, I am apologize for taking SO long to respond! I asked about the camera because my sister just got herself one (it's really nice) and the quality looked similar. I think she ordered hers from Wal-Mart - and got a great deal on it too. :-)

    3. Sarah, how exciting! (And I'm pretty positive she already will), but tell her to have lots of fun with the pictures! ;-)


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