Monday, June 15, 2015

Books, books, books.... Historical-fiction/adventure stories free to a good home!

Hooray! The Great Book Giveaway Bonanza has arrived!!!  Numerous book loving bloggers are clearing their shelves and there are also some additional (and exciting) bookish related items being shared. You can see all the exciting entrants/links on Hamlette's blog here.

Yours truly is giving away the entire Crown & Covenant series by Douglas Bond (3 books). All three will go together to one happy winner, drawn on the 24th. (And.... my apologies, but I do have to limit this to US residents only. You know, what with there being three books and the whole shipping thing.)

All three are softcover in excellent condition and covered with clear protective material.

Here are the summaries:

Duncan's War

In Scotland in 1666, fourteen-year-old Duncan learns the value of being true to his faith while fighting against supporters of England's King Charles II, who oppress the Covenanters--those who believe that only Jesus can be king of the church.

King's Arrow

Angus M’Kethe, brave Duncan’s younger brother, is no longer a child with a toy bow and arrow. He is now a young man, facing the same persecution and spiritual questions that his entire family has struggled against for years. Loyal to his family, Angus must match wits in a life-and-death struggle against Highlanders. By faith, Angus turns his beloved game of chess into a tool of victory. But desperate fear grips the Clan with an unexpected murder! Will Covenanters be found guilty? Angus’s true test of manhood and marksmanship will come at the Battle of Drumclog!

Rebel's Keep

The third volume concludes the Crown & Covenant series with a new, high-intensity adventure. Set in 17th century Scotland, in the midst of the brutal persecutions of King Charles II of England, Rebel's Keep picks up the historical thread just before the devastating defeat of the Covenanters at Bothwell Bridge in 1679. Brothers Duncan and Angus team up again to stand for the Covenanter’s cause and fight the king’s injustice. Forced finally to flee to America, they must leave behind their beloved homeland.

Have fun!

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  1. I read this series growing up! The books are a lot of fun and I'd love to have my own copies. :)

  2. I have never heard of these, but I am always interested in historical fiction, and Scotland captured my imagination long ago, when I first read Kidnapped :-)

  3. These books are wonderful, but I already own them all. Thank you for doing this giveaway!!!

  4. I decided to enter this for my brother. :) My mom has a hard time finding good Christian books for his age that are still exciting and something he'd like. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Oh! These all look so interesting. I've read one of Douglas Bond's other books recently, and I really enjoyed it. I haven't looked into his other books because of the business of life, but I really should. :)


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