Friday, June 12, 2015

Ring Around the Rose ~ Week 2: Meeting Characters

Question #2: If you could meet any literary character, who would it be?

Let’s see. For me, reading about characters (where you're thinking, seeing, feeling everything with them) and actually meeting them seem worlds apart. For instance, I'd love to be Margaret Hale, but if I was Heidi and she was Margaret, I'm afraid she'd actually be rather reserved—wondering how I knew so much about her inner self. (Of course, if I was Margaret there are several characters I'd absolutely love to meet and the same goes for numerous other characters from Austen or Montgomery or Caroline Dale Snedeker or Margaret Leighton or Beverly Butler or Lewis or Tolkien, etc. ;))

And if I continue with a Lord of the Rings theme off last week, there are so many wonderful nominees I’m afraid it’s nearly impossible to make a rational decision (quite apart from the above problem): Gandalf, Faramir (you can read my guest post on him here), Aragorn, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Gimli, Legolas, Eomer, Boromir, Beregond, Tom Bombadil…Treebeard! You see my dilemma.

So going with something completely different, I’ll say Avdotya Romanovna, Raskolnikov’s sister in Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment

Deeply beautiful inside and out—waking to find herself in a dark mesh of circumstances beyond her wildest nightmares—her tough integrity, loyalty, and love are stunning. And I think she’d make an amazing friend.

Tell me! Is there a favorite literary character you’d love to meet?


  1. I'm just impressed you've read Crime and Punishment! :)

    Yes! It would be very odd to meet someone you already knew way too much about. What would you talk about? You might get stuck doing all the talking, which is rough if you're more of a listener already, and what if while you were doing all the talking you noticed that glazed look in the character's eyes and came to the sad realization that, though you already know and love them dearly, you were actually boring them? I don't think I could take that.

    I think it's better to keep a good book's distance from my favorite characters. :)

    1. Jenelle Leanne,
      Exactly! Seeing a glazed look on a character's face that you loved so dearly.... Oh, it'd be too horrible.

      And yes, I love Crime & Punishment! It was way different than I expected starting it (definitely deep and tough), but much different than I expected. At times he almost reminds me of a Dickens, but with this incredible, mind-blowing depth. It can leave you spinning for awhile after you're done ;), so I definitely only recommend it to mature readers, but that being said it's one of my favorites of all time. I learned (and am still learning) so much from it!

  2. I'd love to meet Mattie Ross from True Grit. I feel like we'd understand each other pretty well, and have some really great conversations!

    I love your Samantha Barks signature! ;-)


    1. Emma!
      Mattie Ross.... Why--WHY--am I not surprised?!?! ;)

      And thank you! I love that signature, too.... so lovely and elegant and happy!

  3. I loved that you were thinking of choosing Margaret Hale! She would be lovely to meet!

    However, my choice would have to go to Mr. Sherlock Holmes. I adore his wit and funny sense of humor and I think it would be fun to know him as a person and not just a book character.


    1. Sarah,
      Inside and out, Margaret's so beautiful, isn't she?

      And Sherlock Holmes! I'm afraid I still haven't read a tremendous number of his, but I did read The Hound of the Baskervilles last fall. Do you have a favorite?


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