Friday, July 3, 2015

Ring Around the Rose Week 5 ~ From the Philippines to Pixar

This week brings two Ring Around the Rose questions!

1. What is the first story you ever wrote?

My family will find this very humorous, but here it is… coming out in the open! ;)

My first story—now printed out in my early writing binder—is colloquially referred to among the intelligentsia as Heidi’s Nilamokie story. Set in a small village in the Philippines, it’s about the second daughter and third child in a large missionary family. Nilamokie—with long dark hair, dark eyes, and a cheery smile—is the young Philippino girl who is both friend and neighbor to the protagonist. (Incidentally, the protagonist’s older brother’s name is Josh and somehow I’m not at all surprised that Captain Bryant’s first name in Ellen ended up being Joshua. I’m just not sure how much time there was between the missionary story and my starting Ellen. Not that much I would guess.) 

I didn’t make it tremendously far in the Nilamokie story, but it’s still extremely vivid. Shady trees with reading nooks came into it—and also tub loads of laundry and the two girls setting out to visit the town store. I think the most vivid moment of all is picturing the dusty street shaded with tropical trees and dappled with green light outside their house. (I wonder… Did that lead to my loving the tropics so much? Which came first? The love or the story?)

I’m pretty positive one other early influence on it is that we had missionary friends in the Philippines at the time. (I’ve never found the courage to show them the story, but then… they might indeed like it!)

2. Which Pixar movie is your favorite and why?

Okay, switching gears! (And no, even based on my coming answer that is not a pun.) Since Tangled and Frozen are technically not Pixar—I’ll say my other top favorite (which most definitely is) and that’s Cars

First, it’s a redemption story, and the themes go running every which way. 

Second, the characters are so incredibly developed. I’ve known people like the ones Lightning meets! (Well, they’re cars, but you know what I mean. ;)) And—often driving a beautiful stretch of Route 66 myself—the atmosphere rings true.

Finally, it has stunning southwest scenery!

Tell me! If you write, do you still have your early stories? And do you have a favorite Pixar film?


  1. Heidi, I loved your two answers! I look forward to sharing my two picks in a blog post. :)

    1. Sarah,
      Thank you -- I'm so glad! (And I'm looking forward to your post. ;))

      Hope you're having a lovely celebration today!

  2. Ahhh, Cars. For like a year, it was the only movie Sam would watch. And I still like it, after seeing it twice a month for a year! It's just THAT good.

    1. Hamlette,
      I actually haven't seen Cars for well over a year now and I was thinking about it when writing this up.... Needs to go on the summer list! And I know, right? :) So hard to balance how much you want to see a favorite story with how much will rub off the splendor. :P And then when you find one that you can love through and through and over and over and it's still splendid.... perfection! ;)

  3. This is so fun! Your first story sounds very sweet-and so peaceful because of the setting! I love the picture you included. How old were you when you wrote it?
    And Cars! I love that movie too. I love pretty much any Pixar movie, but Cars is especially fun and cool-I love the "historical" aspect to it as well!
    And Mater is hilarious. ;)

    1. Natalie,
      About the story -- thank you! Actually, "peaceful" is an excellent word to describe it. :) And I think I was about..... nine maybe? Thinking about it, I did make an illustrated book for my brother about that time, too, when I might actually have been a little younger. But the Nilamokie story was going to be my first long "real" book. ;)

      And yes -- Cars!!! I NEED to see it again! It's been way too long. I'll see if I can get to it this summer. ;)

  4. Your first story sounds fun :)

    And Cars is SUCH a good movie! I was not expecting such a gem from the advertising, but was very pleasantly surprised. It's definitely a favorite!

    1. Jenelle,
      Thank you! And isn't it? I wasn't expecting it to be so great from the advertising either (or the very first time I watched the first ten minutes or so ;)), but it's since thoroughly won me over!


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