Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June Happenings and Delights!

Reveling in deep green against blue skies.

Moving house and getting my new writing area set up—photo calendar, character sketches and all complete!

Carrying armloads of plates and pantry items and all the extra (highly important) odds and ends needing new homes.

Working in our brand new kitchen!

Sleeping with the windows open.

Wading in the deliciously cool creek after chores.

My garden a wildflower patch of Queen Anne’s Lace and my favorite blue chicory and a few Bachelor’s Buttons.

Brilliant orange daylilies.

Grandparents coming a-visiting.

A new calf.

Elastic hair bands advertised to last up to 145 ponytails.

Helping out at a church friend’s wedding: baking cookies and helping with reception preparations and running errands. (Note to self: don’t steam chiffon bridesmaids dresses under a smoke detector. The fire department may very well show up in the hall outside. :))

Watching Beauty and the Beast.

Listening to soundtracks: Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella (2015), and Ever After (which I haven’t seen and which is high on my TBW list).

Writing David’s Shoulders.

Shining new ideas for a Sleeping Beauty retelling; then hitting my head against the wall with frustration over them; then starting to write and regaining the shining-ness.

A marvelous church summer dance and conference.

Two close friends announcing their engagements—within two days of each other. (I’m so thrilled!)

Getting a Pinterest account. I've already started three boards and it's going to be SO fun.

Rearranging bookshelves.

And shifting piles and piles and piles of books from the old attic to the new basement and stacking them—now patiently waiting—for fresh paint to dry on the shelves.

And enjoying Kaycee’s spot-on defense of Frozen’s Anna here.

Trying to implement this quote in my own life both on and offline: “Maud was of the class whose education consists mainly of a training in the delicate ignoring of delicate situations.” 
P.G. Wodehouse, A Damsel in Distress 
(Hard for this girl who loves confronting everything head on, but sometimes it’s simply the wisest course.)

And last (but most CERTAINLY not least!) watching the 90’s Zorro tv show! This is truly embarrassing, but at first I admit I was just going, “It’s okay. Very 90’s. But pretty good....” Then we hit certain episodes and I melted to a thousand pieces. I’m crazy about it! The theme song and—and—and—well, let’s just say it’s safer to leave any more for a future discussion. I LOVE IT and can’t get enough!

And there were other things this last month, too. Lots of conversations—lots of emotional growth. In all of it, even though I have no idea where my squiggled path will end up—or who else’s path it may happen to run across—I can truly say that God’s plans are always deep and right. I’m so thankful for the friends He has given me—and so amazed by the joy He has poured out.

It’s been a full month and wondrously good!

Tell me! Do you have any highlights to share from the last month?


  1. There are entirely too many Heidi Peterson's on Pinterest. Find me! I'm the only pinner named Hamlette there, I think. You'll know it's me cuz I've got my real name on it too.

    I'm so sharing that thing about girlfriends who write with Cowboy. I'm sure it'll make him laugh.

    And the strong female characters thing? YES!!! I 100% agree.

    What lovely bookshelves! So neat and orderly. And unlike mine, not covered with random piles of Legos and papers and more and more books. Really need to clean mine off one of these days.

    And here's a coincidence -- I just watched Beauty and the Beast this month too! First time in probably 15 years.

    Finally, Zorro :-) We've been watching a bunch of the '50s Disney one lately. The kids keep wanting to watch one in particular over and over, and then we go on to the next one we haven't seen after that, hee. But you're making me want to buy the '90s version. Maybe if I make enough money with my yard sale, I'll splurge and get it!

    1. Also, I've awarded you the Liebster Award. Details here :-)

    2. Hamlette,
      I'm so glad and happy you enjoyed the post! And I really enjoyed your gorgeously long comment.... ;) Thank you!!!

      And Zorro..... hem! I actually have some deep, wildly exciting, absolutely crazy, halfway insane ideas spinning on that whole topic. :) In short, I've got a project up my sleeve and I'm bursting to share about it, but..... I'm not quite finished ironing everything out yet. I'm hoping to have it all pretty together by early August. We shall see. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it, though, and I might end up spilling a few beans before then, so hang in for the ride! ;P (There! did I drop enough dark hints to pique your curiosity?? :D)

      And thank you for the tag! Looking forward to it!

  2. Oooooh! I have Pinterest too! I'd love to follow you! :-)

    1. Miss Evelyn,
      I'd love to meet up with you on Pinterest! I'll try sending you an invite sometime next week. Have you tried finding me? It might come up better if you look under ladyofanorien as well (just like that -- no spaces or capitals as I think there might be someone else using the name, too :P).

    2. Evie! Yes, I KNOW. ;D I just thought you might want me using your newest username! ;P

    3. *moment of realisation* Ooooooooh! Of course! Yes yes please! =D

  3. What a lovely post Heidi!! I adore your bookshelf and am looking forward to being able to rearrange my own. :) YAY for a Pinterest! I have an account as well and I'd LOVE to follow you! :)

    Email to follow soon! ;)

    1. Sarah,
      Thank you!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! And yes, this Pinterest thing is amazing fun.... ;)

  4. I adore Beauty and the Beast! :) It's my favorite Disney. And a P.G. Wodehouse quote! Love it! He always has the funniest quotes about women. :)
    By the way, I replied on my blog but I thought I'd say it here too to make sure you saw it but I would love to use your posts as guest posts. Thank you so much for offering!

    1. Lois,
      Yay! Another Beauty and the Beast lover! :) And yes, indeed.... Wodehouse = marvelousness. ;)

      About Emma.... you're welcome! You might have figured this out already, but I realized after I left the link that (rather than scrolling through the back posts) it'd be easier to just go to my link-up post here: You'll see all my Brandywine posts down there (reviews and theme posts) just above the giveaway. If you like, you can send me an email at ladyofanorien(at)gmail(dot)com and let me know which one/s you'd be interested in, then I could get them to you as an attachment for easier cutting and pasting. I can also send the pics (or you can choose your own) -- either works for me! ;)

  5. I loved reading this peek into your life, Heidi! And seeing the pictures of all your books...and the creek!
    I wish our church would put on a dance! That would be so fun, haha.
    Was this only your first time watching Beauty and the Beast? What did you think of it??

    1. Natalie,
      I'm so very very glad you enjoyed it! ;) And dances can be a lot of fun.

      About Beauty and the Beast -- yes, it actually was! (Hem! And I've now seen it several times since in bits and pieces over and over. ;D) What do you think of it?

    2. Oh, I'm SO glad you've now seen it, then! It's one of my absolute favorite Disney films. I've always liked it, but every time I sit down and watch it I'm surprised by finding out just HOW much I love it! I think I enjoy it more and more with every viewing. :D

    3. Natalie,
      Whew!!!! Oh, GOOD! ;D Isn't it marvelous when something's richer and more beautiful every time you read or watch it? (And then, of course, with B&tB there's the music, too.... Some of the most amazing. stuff. ever. :D)

    4. YES! It is! It's really quite amazing how much you "get" when watching a movie over and brother and I just watched Tangled (again..:)) and I still saw and realized things I hadn't ever picked up on before!
      Oh my, yes, the music is sooooo beautiful. I'm so glad you think so! :)

  6. You've been busy. Well, any time a move happens business and stress become natural. :)
    I love the nature pictures. It's really amazing how God made nature so beautiful.
    I love Beauty and the Beast!!! There is a 1945 or 46 French version that's a nonmusical but still very good.
    The soundtracks for all three of those movies are really nice. I've been especially listening to the Cinderella (2015) soundtrack lately. Patrick Doyle really creates the most beautiful and heart moving music.
    You haven't watched Ever After. (gasps) Please watch it as soon as you can, I think you'll like it. :)
    I've been rearranging books too. It's been dreamy like lately sitting on the floor surrounded by books, putting them here then putting them there. Seeing what looks best. :)
    I'm glad you've had a good month! :)

    1. Ekaterina,
      Yes, indeed and I'm so glad you enjoyed the pictures! Yay for another B&tB lover! ;) I haven't delved into any other film versions yet, but I'll remember to look into them. And Ever After! I've been hearing about that one quite a bit lately so it's definitely high on my TBW list. I hope I'll like it, too! ;)

      And I loved your lyrical little description about arranging your books -- it sounds lovely! We're almost done with painting those shelves, so I'm hoping my July update post will be able to have some "finished" pictures. :)


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