Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Bedtime Movie Tag

Hayden (from her beautiful blog, A Singular and Whimsical Problem) tagged the first five people to comment on her answers for this, so here we go. Thank you, Hayden!

(Note: I ended up tweaking it a little -- taking out one question that didn't make sense and adding one of my own. Enjoy!)

1. A movie that kept you up all night.
Given Hayden’s answer (and considering that it’s not a violent movie either), mine is really rather funny, but the first time we watched Wives and Daughters we had to stop just after Roger first goes to Africa... and I was quite literally tossing all night. (It also didn’t help that I had a nursery song going through my head... one of those ones involving little green frogs, etc. ;))

2. A movie that made you scared to sleep.
Though not exactly a movie, the film documentary accompanying Pharaohs and Kings by David M. Rohl. During it, he goes through a couple museums, including a room with mummies and (though I didn’t see much), it made an impression on my then under-ten-year-old brain. BUT, it was also a huge touchstone in setting off my ongoing fascination with Egypt and the New Chronology, so it’s all turned out excellently well. (Btw, though sadly Rohl himself isn’t a Christian, he’s done some incredible work and I seriously and highly recommend both book and documentary.)

3. A movie that made you go to sleep.
*I'm Pooh Bear… think, think, think…* No, I can't think of any. It’s a pretty wide awake activity for me and generally my brain ends up spinning all over afterward with shining new story ideas.

4. A movie that left you tossing and turning all night in anticipation for its release.
Somehow I don’t pay a tremendous amount of attention to upcoming releases (beyond knowing they’re coming out and wondering if there will be skippable parts, etc.), but after seeing it in the theater, I was jumping up and down internally all summer waiting for Cinderella to get released. (And now, satisfied, I'm full of exploding bubbles of excitement. ;))

5. A movie that would be your worst nightmare to live in.
I think the honor for this goes to the third Anne of Green Gables (the one where she and Gilbert get married/during WWI) and which I watched years ago at a sleepover. It actually fits #2 perfectly as well, but P&K doesn’t fit here so, hence, they’re placed where they are. Let us just say that -- after watching AOGG the Third -- I'm pretty sure I went sleepwalking for the first and (hopefully) last time ever.

6. A movie that reminds you of nighttime.
North and South. I also tend to associate it with particular seasons. 

(Via Pinterest and ever-so-slightly misquoted...)

7. A movie that has a nightmarish cliffhanger.
I don’t think…. Oh! No, I have it. The ending episodes of the 90’s Zorro are packed with nightmarish mental and emotional trauma (and drama), with one episode leading right into the next. I've come to dearly love the last episode, but I still can’t hardly watch the couple preceding ones... they're excruciating. (Except, of course, you have to see them at least once for the last one to be as thoroughly heart wrenching and amazing as it is.)

8. A movie you actually dreamed about.
This hardly ever happens, but I did actually dream about Despicable Me 2 just the other night. (A mall sequence, I believe. ;D)

9. A movie monster you wouldn't want to find under your bed. 
I haven’t seen many movie monsters, but I do check every night for tigers and leopards. (Um... an imagination running wild or something??)

10. A refreshing movie you love watching at night?
Besides any of the ones I love that I already mentioned, Ever After!

And I’m tagging some lovely people! (And I know I just tagged some of you dear friends, but I thought you might happen to like this one, too. :))

If you feel like doing it have fun and I look forward to seeing your answers! (And if you don't have a blog and would like to, feel free to leave your answers in the comments!)


  1. Enjoyed your answers! I was pretty excited for Cinderella, too.

    Oh, and I love the picture at the beginning from the Secret of Moonacre. :)

    1. Hayden,
      Thank you, I'm so happy you enjoyed them! It was loads of fun.

      And I'm tickled you liked the Moonacre picture, too -- such a delightful movie! (That screen cap fit the tag perfectly, too, what with them shortly being sent to bed, etc, just after it. Happy dreams arriving in that house! ;))

  2. This was fun, Heidi! Thank you muchly for tagging me! Not sure when and if I'll get around to it, but it does seem fun so I'll save it for a future post idea. ;)
    Oh! And guess what?? I FINALLY SAW CINDERELLA!! It was so lovely. Ella and Kit...sigh. They're so cute. And all the ball scenes...and the swing scene..ohhh.

    1. Natalie,
      I'm so glad you enjoyed them and (if you're able to) I'm looking forward to your answers!

      And ohhhhhh, you DID?!?!? Yay!! Yes, indeed -- soooo sweet! ;) *cough cough* Don't pop any secrets, but I'm definitely looking forward to a good long ecstatic session on that eventually. ;)

    2. Yes!!! Haha, don't worry, I won't. ;) It took me a minute to remember what that secret was. I'm excited too!

  3. Thank you, Heidi, for such a fun tag!! I cannot WAIT to answer these! I loved every one of your choices BTW - everyone made me smile. :)

    1. Sarah,
      Oh good, I'm so happy to make you smile! And.... we have a birthday party going on today, but I read your post and have already marked several to look up, so I'm looking forward to rereading it asap. ;)

  4. I just love movies...*sigh* :) Fun post, Heidi! I enjoyed it!! ;)
    Ahh! AGG-3, I love that movie!! After seeing #2 Saturday night I need to see that one again... ;)

    1. Faith P,
      Aren't they one of the best things ever?? I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And I love discussing them.... *happy sigh* On AGG-3: yes, it was certainly a most memorable experience.... And I just love movie marathons, don't you? :)

    2. Yes!! I'm about to go watch one of my favorite movies right now. :) I could talk about movies and books and the like, all the day long. ;D

      That movie is amazing. And when they're reunited...*teary sigh* lol.

  5. I enjoyed this post, Heidi! Your reference to Pooh Bear made me smile. Especially because I referenced him in the same way in one of my posts! "Think, think, think..."("Great minds think alike!" ...Or don't think...or whatever. ;)) Oh! And what you said about not falling asleep during movies, and your brain spinning around afterward with "shining new story ideas". I can REALLY relate to that! I get so many story ideas from movies! I either like the movie a lot and didn't get enough of the characters, so I have to put them into my own story; or I didn't like the movie and have to rewrite it so I can make it go the way I want it to go. Either way, movies give me a lot of inspiration!

    ~Miss March

    1. Miss March,
      I'm so happy you enjoyed it! :) And yes, indeed. Aren't movies splendid for that? I don't think I've ever actually written a continuation for or a rewrite of a movie, but certain characters/stories start electricity flying all over the place and my stories just kind of explode. ;D Actually no, I DID once start a P&P sequel years and years ago after I first watched the 80's BBC version with Elizabeth Garvie and David Rintoul (which is the version I grew up with) and I SO wanted it to go all the way to the wedding that I started a sequel. But then I read the book a few years later and found Austen did go past the wedding and hence, the urgent need for MY sequel vanished. ;D


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