Monday, January 4, 2016

Cinderella Tag // My Answers


1. In the vast array of fairytale heroines, what particular character qualities most define Cinderella?

~ Hope, loyalty, kindness, perseverance, patience, and hardworking cheerfulness. (And… this topic’s actually getting its own post later in the week, so more coming soon! ;))

2. What are some of the deeper, big picture differences you see between retellings where both stepsisters are nasty and others where one is nasty and one is kind? How do you think the two takes differently develop/illuminate/affect Cinderella’s character and also the overarching story itself?

~ When both stepsisters are disagreeable (i.e. as in the original story) and Cinderella’s standing alone, I think the odds definitely skyrocket -- with certain story qualities standing out in bold relief. In other words, hands down, it’s definitely a huge contributing factor to the epic ‘feel’ and sheer, centuries long sticking power of the story. As such, I love it. At the same time, versions where one sister is kinder (though perhaps weaker, thus not necessarily standing up for Cinderella) can provide fantastic story and character depth. In conclusion, I’m passionately fond of both.

3. Are you an animal lover? Would you eagerly count mice, lizards, cows, and geese as friends? Dogs and cats?

~ I wouldn’t call myself an extreme animal lover, but I do count certain cows, dogs, and cats as friends, and talk/visit with them while out doing chores, etc. I’m not much on mice in cages, but the outdoor ones I’ve seen can be quite cute. (Not to mention I've LOVED the Brambly Hedge books since I was little.)

4. After asking question #3, I realized how remarkably many of the adaptations I’ve seen have Cinderella either horseback riding or involved with horses. Have you ever ridden? If so, have you ever ridden sidesaddle or bareback?

~ I haven’t ridden sidesaddle, but I have ridden bareback.

5. Your favorite Cinderella dress/s? 

(Obviously. But yes, more on this will be coming later in the week, too,
so we'll save the goodness. ;)) 

One of my favorite's of Danielle's (from Ever After).

And from Slipper and the Rose...

(Her godmother's cape, not the -- um -- dreadful dresses in the background. ;P)

(Basically, this film won me over to how beautiful the Georgian period can be.)

Also, full of delightful bustles, I'm very fond of a lot of the dresses in The Inheritance (and I'm sure sister dear will be highlighting some of them later in the week :)).

6. Do you ever think of Cinderella while doing your household chores? :)

~ Yes! Most especially while dishwashing. (As I’m doing right this minute while filling these out. Cinderella-ish multi-tasking, you see. :D)

7. What major character traits do you think are essential in a faithful prince?

~ Empathy for his people, servant leadership, loyalty, and (if at all possible) a healthy sense of humor.

8. Your top THREE favorite fairy tales (as in the original folk tales, not adaptations).

~ Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and… St. George and the Dragon. (I tend to think of that last one as more of a legend, but it definitely counts.)

9. Your top FIVE favorite fairy tale/legend type films (BESIDES any Cinderella adaptations). 


How to Train Your Dragon 1

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Beauty & The Beast


10. If you could play Cinderella and the story could be set in any region of the world and any time period, what would you pick? And what would your dream ‘ball gown’ for it be like?

~ *coughs* Aside from anything 2015-ish related, I’d dearly love to do something set in India. At the moment, my ball gown would be something...

Like this

Or this...

Or this.

But more in this turquoise range.

11. And (purely for fun :))… what color/s do you immediately associate with Cinderella?

~ Blue and gold.

~     ~     ~

Now I'm happily hoping to set off and read all your lovely posts that've been popping up today. Yay! ;)


  1. Oh, those screencaps from The Slipper and the Rose have me intrigued. :)

    Okay, I have to ask--how do you fill out tag answers while washing dishes??? I mean, I can see where you COULD do it, but it seems extremely messy and difficult.

    I haven't seen How to Train your Dragon 2. I saw the first one and I liked it, although I didn't *love* it. I'm thinking I should re-watch it though, along with the 2nd.

    1. Haha, I was wondering the same thing, Natalie! :) I've filled out tag questions when I'm doing laundry, or even while baking/frosting cakes, but never while washing dishes! :)

    2. Natalie,
      Yay! ;)

      *And laughing* I was wondering if anyone would ask! Well y'see, we hand wash and dry all our dishes, sooo... you can wash two sink loads and fill up the racks while thinking about your next answer, then (while they're drying) run over and jot it down, then come back and towel dry and put away. Simple, eh? ;D

      And yes, I'm VERY fond of How To Train Your Dragon 1 & 2!! I'd definitely like to do reviews sometime -- after I can formulate my thoughts on them a bit better, etc. :) #2 is interesting... Overall, there are parts/aspects I'm not as crazy about, but then the parts I do like way more than make up for them... so it's kind of a toss-up. ;)

    3. Blessing Counter,
      Oh, wow... you've done them while frosting cakes?? But honestly, isn't it stimulating sometimes to hop back and forth? ;)

    4. Heidi,
      Oh, okay, hahaha, that makes sense. ;) Definitely gives you something fun to think about while washing the dishes!

      I'll look forward to your reviews when and if you do them!

  2. I was answering more in the traditional Cinderella line, but yes, those dresses in The Inheritance are stunning. That movies is just overall lovely. Pretty scenery, gorgeous music.

    1. Livia Rachelle,
      Yes, that movie/the dresses are just gorgeous.

      And oh, your tag answers! I'm so sorry, I remember now that I saw them just after you posted and thank you!! I'm hoping to get over and leave a comment as soon as I can. :)

  3. I've never heard of The Slipper and The Rose. I'll have to check it out. I loved your questions! And your answers are great.

    1. Ivy Miranda,
      I hope you can and enjoy it. :) And thank you, I'm so glad you liked them!

  4. Loved your answers, especially your choices for favorite Cinderella dress. And your choice for your ball gown - an Indian dress! Oh my goodness, soooo gorgeous!

    1. Faith,
      Thank you! And YES! I'm so glad you think they're gorgeous as well. (I really love your ball gown idea, too. ;D)

  5. I would love to see your Indian version! And great dress choices!

    1. Reading in the Dark,
      Hee. Doesn't it sound like marvelous fun? And thank you!

  6. Great answers, Heidi!
    A Cinderella set in India? What a delightful and novel idea! (it would also make for some great coustumes)

    1. Rose,
      Thank you and I KNOW. Seriously, I'm so excited about the idea! ;D

  7. Loved your answers! :) Oh, how was bareback riding? Do you do it often?

    1. Blessing Counter,
      Thank you! And no, I don't actually... but my sister has a horse and does often, so I just need to make sure to 'do it.' :D

  8. Ah, your tag answers! Ours are very similar :) Even the second one! I like those Indian dresses. They're so pretty!

    Oh, and I've never seen Ever After, but Danielle (is that her name?) looks like a very beautiful girl :)

    1. Rosie,
      Splendid! ;) And I'm so happy you love them!

      I hope you can see Ever After soon and yes, she most definitely IS. ;D

  9. Your answers are such fun! Yes--St. George and the Dragon DEFINITELY counts! (I love that story too :) )

    Oh, those Indian dresses are just beautiful! And what an original setting for a Cinderella tale, too . . . You know, all this is making me think that maybe someday I should try my own hand at a Cinderella adaptation or something else fairy-tale-based. Have to think about this ;-)

    1. jessica,
      YAY! Oh, good. ;)

      And thank you!! I know, it sets 'ta marvelous story ideas spinning, doesn't it?!? :) And you should -- I'd love to read it!

  10. Lovely answers!

    *gasp* And Indian Cinderella! LOVE IT. Those dresses you included...*drools*

    I can't wait to see what else you'll do this week! :D

    1. Olivia,
      Thank you and yes, INDEED. Also, what's more, I can totally see myself being super comfortable wearing one. :D (Not to mention the thrilling idea of actually dancing in one of them...! ;))

      And ohh good, I'm so happy you're enjoying it!! :)

  11. Hi! Cinderella week sounds so much fun! I'm participating & you can see my Cinderella tag post on my blog Vintage Slippers (
    God Bless,

    1. Michaila,
      It's lovely to meet you and I'm so glad you were able to join in with the tag answers! :) Thank you and blessings to you, too!

  12. I'm really enjoying reading your tag answers, as well as everybody else's! This was such a great blog party idea :)

    The Indian outfits are lovely- I've always had an unquenchable desire to wear a sari ;)

    1. Hayden,
      I'm super glad you're enjoying it and thank you!! :)

      Aren't they beautiful? And me, too. (One of these days it's bound to happen... ;))

  13. Sorry I'm so late. I meant to read and comment days ago, but there were so many posts I couldn't seem to get here. I enjoyed reading your answers, Heidi. The dresses you chose for your story of Cinderella are BEAUTIFUL! And I like the turquoise color, too.

    One question, though. How DID you manage to wash dishes and answer these questions at the same time? :)

    ~Miss March

    1. Miss March,
      Thank you!! And oh, no worries... I'm so glad you enjoyed them! ;D

      And hee. Well, I'd wash a load while pondering a certain question then run over to jot down my notes, then run back for another load. (Tricky, but the plus side is that it does seem to clear things out and get the creativity flowing! ;))

  14. Bonus points for mentioning the Brambly Hedge books! I love those!
    I need to watch The Slipper and the Rose.... I keep seeing it mentioned in everyone's Cinderella posts!

    1. Lois,
      Thank you! And I love those books! Even more than the Beatrix Potter... it's still a total mystery to me why they aren't more widely known. :)

      *grinning* And yes, you DO!


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