Sunday, March 27, 2016

Resurrection Day ~ The Year of Our Lord 2016

At the Name of Jesus

"At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow,
every tongue confess him King of Glory now.
'Tis the Father's pleasure we should call him Lord,
who from the beginning was the mighty Word:

 "Mighty and mysterious in the highest height,
God from everlasting very light of light:
in the Father's bosom with the Spirit blest,
love in love eternal, rest in perfect rest.

"At his voice creation sprang at once to sight,
all the angel faces all the hosts of light, 
thrones and dominations, stars upon their way,
all the heavenly orders in their great array.

"Humbled for a season, to receive a name
from the lips of sinners unto whom he came,
faithfully he bore it spotless to the last,
brought it back victorious when from death he passed.

"Bore it up triumphant with its human light, 
through all ranks of creatures to the central height, 
to the throne of Godhead, to the Father's breast; 
filled it with the glory of that perfect rest.

"Name him all creation name him, with love strong as death,
but with awe and wonder, and with bated breath;
he is God the Saviour, he is Christ the Lord,
ever to be worshipped, trusted and adored.

"...Brothers, this Lord Jesus shall return again,
with his Father's glory, with his angel train;
for all wreaths of empire meet upon his brow,
and our hearts confess him King of Glory now."
Caroline M. Noel


  1. Happy Easter, Heidi! What beautiful pictures of God's creation! :)

    1. Abby P.,
      Thank you and Happy Easter to you, too! And I was so happy to find those pictures... Aren't they gorgeous? :)

  2. Replies
    1. Rosie, Blessing, and Ria,
      Thank you all so much and Happy Easter to you, too! :)

  3. Happy Easter, Heidi!! :) You chose some lovely pictures for this post! The one with the fire along the shoreline is especially cool.

    1. Miss March,
      Happy Easter to you and thank you! Isn't that one with the fire and sea fascinating? I'm pretty sure it's from a volcanic national park in Hawaii...

  4. Happy Easter! Thanks for this post--it's beautiful :-)

    1. jessica,
      Happy Easter and oh, you're most welcome and thank you!! :)

  5. Beautiful words, beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Jenelle,
      Thank you and you're welcome! I'm so happy you found it a blessing!

  6. This is such a gorgeous poem! Thank you for sharing. I hope you and your family had a very Happy Easter! :)

    1. Natalie,
      Isn't it beautiful? It's actually a hymn as well and when it's sung it has a wonderful marching rhythm... :) You're welcome and thank you -- yes, we did and I hope you all had a lovely day, too! ;)

    2. We did, thank you! :) I'll have to listen to the hymn sometime!


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