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Would You Rather Austen Tag!

The world is bursting with spring and fresh breezes and rich blossoms, and I also have my bridesmaid dress finished in very good time for my friend's wedding this weekend (about which I'm VERY excited!), and as I'm altogether feeling in a very Austen-ish frame of mind I found Cordy's tag here thoroughly inspiring. (Yes, I'm exceedingly happy at the moment, hence all the lilac type. Paragraphs upon paragraphs of it... ;))

~ Who would you rather have act as your matchmaker, Lady Russell (from Persuasion) or Mrs. Jennings?
Mrs. Jennings, because (speaking from experience picked up here and there) I'm pretty good at deflecting/laughing off/handling certain comments from friends and acquaintances, whereas I think the emotional pressure would be tremendous and entirely different coming from someone filling a quasi-mother position. 

~ Who would you like as a pen pal from Jane Austen's works?
Oh my, there are so many. Jane or Lizzy or Elinor or Isabella (because all the Knightleys are so altogether wonderful)... but I suppose most of all Anne Elliot. She's understanding and well read and clear sighted and mature, with flashes of delightful humor. 

~ Who would you rather go on a walk with, Colonel Fitzwilliam or Captain Benwick?
Well (seeing as the scenes with Colonel Fitzwilliam in the '95 are some of my favorites) the former.

~ Who would you rather have to befriend, Mrs. Elton or Lucy Steele?
Oh, Mrs. Elton beyond a doubt. Irritating and cliquey as she is, she isn't wicked. Lucy's spiteful and manipulative.

~ Who would you rather have as a sibling, John Knightley or Mary (from Persuasion, not Mary Bennet)?
John Knightley. Yes, he's grumbly, but he's so very funny. And he's a Knightley, so he really does put up with a lot in spite of himself. In short, he would make a great brother/in-law.

~ Who would you rather dance with? (Very open book!)
Let us see... Mr. Knightley? Or Darcy? Or there's always Tom Bertram.

~ Who would you rather refuse, Mr. Collins or Mr. Elton?
This one's a poser. Hmmm. Both would be awkward at the time, but Mr. Collins's seemed to have less drastic after effects (i.e. he moved on with his life and cordial relations were soon reestablished, whereas Mr. Elton... Yes, lastingly awkward. (Btw, has anyone ever noticed that Emma's trying to marry her close friend off to Mr. Elton while Lizzy's closest friend promptly marries Mr. Collins? I hadn't thought of the two in contrast before...)

~ Who would you rather match-make for, Miss Bates or Mary Bennet?
Well, Austen told her family that Mary eventually married a clerk of her uncle's (Mr. Philips, that is), and it would be especially wonderful to see Miss Bates comfortably settled. For all her failings, she's so goodhearted and thankful and knows how to manage so well. 

I know! Maybe she might marry a steady older minister or curate that she met through Frank and Jane's being settled in the north of England? Or perhaps through Mrs. Elton's ties in Maple Grove? That'd definitely be a hilarious connection/sequence of events. ;)

~ Who would you rather have as a best friend?
Anne Elliot (for all the reasons listed above and then some).

~ Who would you rather argue with? (Mrs. Bennet, Lady Catherine, Emma Woodhouse, Mr. Woodhouse, Mr. Palmer, Mrs. Jennings, Fanny Dashwood, Captain Wentworth, Mr. Darcy, etc.)
Well, I couldn't argue with Mr. Knightley, seeing as I think he's right in just about every instance. Thinking of some secondary characters... maybe Lady Russell, actually. Because she's mature and would give thought to what I said and there would be strong hope of convincing her. Admiral or Mrs. Croft might actually be fun, too -- in a playful way.

~ Would you rather wander the grounds of Pemberley and risk being 'discovered' or wander over the downs surrounding Barton Cottage in the rain and twist an ankle?
I'd far rather wander the grounds of Pemberley. For one thing, as a general rule I do like traveling with relatives and seeing grand, historic houses. And I was going to say I'm not much prone to racing rain drenched storm clouds either, but then I realized I have done so on more than one occasion when doing evening chores, so I suppose that analogy won't hold true. ;) 

~ Where would you live in Austen's works?
On a smaller, comfortable, homey scale, the Collins's parsonage (yes, with its perfectly proportionate stairs and super useful shelves in the closets) or Longbourn itself (another favorite). On a grander scale, Hartfield or Donwell Abbey. All four have positively splendiferous gardens.

Thank you so much for the game, Cordy! It was tremendous fun. And I hereby tag anyone reading who would like to do it as well. Let me know if you do it so I can read your answers!

Can you tell my two top favorite Austen adaptations and what I'm feeling like watching at the moment? :) What do you have planned for this weekend?


  1. Lovely answers, Heidi! :) I like what you said about Anne Elliot. She really would make an excellent friend.

    Oh, yes. I love the scenes with Colonel Fitzwilliam in the '95 movie, too. He's such a friendly, kindhearted person.

    Haha. Another one for Mrs. Elton. Like I told Natalie, Mrs. Elton's really picking up the friends this week. ;) You just have to compare her with the right person and she ALMOST seems bearable. :P

    Were you being serious about Tom Bertram? Because I never would have thought of him as someone I'd WANT to dance with. ;)

    I thought about the Collins' parsonage, too, but settled on Longbourn in the end. I agree about Hartfield. If you're going for a larger scale house that one would be perfect! :)

    Your question at the end made me smile, because that's exactly what I asked at the end of my post (the first part of the question, that is)! Haha! I take it we're both P&P '95 and Emma 2009 fans! *high five* You have excellent taste, Heidi. ;)

    ~Miss March

  2. Lovely answers! I'm also just filling this out! :D

  3. Loved your answers!! And all that lilac type. I love spring :) Except for the allergies of course . . .

    I filled out this tag on Cordy's blog, in the comments.

  4. Wahoo! I inspired you?! What an honor to be so singled out! ;)

    I like the Colonel in all his scenes but particularly his kindness and good manners during the walk. He's awesome!

    Agreed! Lucy is just--blech!

    Haha, just because Mr. Knightley is right doesn't mean I wouldn't argue with him. I'm strange like that. :) I think it would so much fun to argue with him even if we were on the same side.

    I haven't heard Lady Russell yet, or the Crofts. They are a great couple aren't they? :)

    Oohh! I didn't even consider the parsonage but it's very lovely too! The outside with all it's lovely walks and the ivy walls. It's charming. And as you said, the inside is fitted out in such detail. ;) Haha.

    Your answers were so inspired, Heidi! ;D Hehehe, I'm glad you had a good time!


  5. Great answers!

    *gasp* I had never thought of that, about Emma/Lizzy, before! Good point :)

    Haha, that "men don't like girls who argue" picture xD Knightley's face!

    *scowls* Lady Russell is NOT mature. She is a pernicious effect, that one. Okay, okay, I guess I have to be fair, and concede that she DOES ultimately want Anne's happiness, more than her own opinion, so I guess she is a bit more mature than I give her credit for. (I just really dislike her :P)

    Great answers, again! :) (I love your latest profile picture, by the way.)

  6. Splendid answers! (The lavender was a nice touch ;)

    And I hereby accept your proposed challenge!

  7. I'm loving the lilac type. ;)

    We have a lot of the same answers! So I can't really say much else except "hear, hear!" :D

    Ohhh, I never knew that about Mary? That's what happens to her? That is SO sweet. I'm glad to hear she has a happy ending. :)

    I love your plans for Miss Bates. It sounds perfect!


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