Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January Life

So! I felt like rambling a bit this morning, so here's a (very general) current life recap. ;)

#1: Married life is Absolutely Wonderful. ❤❤❤

#2: I'm thrilled to be living where I am. In the west. Sandwiched between two glorious western mountain ranges. With the ocean a few hours away.

#3: Moving is a lot of work. A lot of work. And it takes lots of time to get organized. And I keep realizing that I've just moved across country and that's actually moving. Meaning, I guess it's quite amazing that I already have almost all my boxes unpacked and that things are as organized as they already are. ;)

#4: I'm getting a lot better at driving and also navigating my way round this brand new territory.

#5: I'm painting the inside of our house, so there've been lots and lots and lots of (actually maybe ten) trips to Home Depot for paint samples. I'm finally down to picking the color for the den, i.e. the very last room, and I have the gallons of paint for the rest of the house, so I'm hoping to soon wrap up my paint sample extravaganza. (Seriously, I have a whole collection if someone would like to take up some sort of art form with them??)

#6: My tried and true hand-me-down laptop computer officially reached the finish line this winter. But my Very Dear Man got me a new laptop for Christmas(!!!), which I'm learning all the ins and outs of and typing on this very minute. :D I was trying to ease my old computer along through all the wedding planning and it made it(!), but very sadly it's been getting melting-hot-to-the-touch for quite awhile and making odd, loud whirring sounds. The only thing it's not doing, in fact, is rocking round on the counter like it's about to explode; but I'm still holding my breath for some sort of terrible smell and a small stream of some sort of black, sticky, melty stuff to come oozing out somewhere with a little strand of smoke spiraling sadly away. Now I just need to get all my files pulled off and transferred over before some such dire calamity strikes.

#7: My brain is spinning with all sorts of ideas for spring-ish headers and backgrounds, but I think I'll make myself wait a few weeks. (In other words, can you tell I've just been on Pinterest after four months of fairly complete abstinence?? ;P)

#8: Along those lines, I'm setting up a new author website (part of the whole name change transition), which is taking quite a bit of time and effort as well, but I think it's coming together and we're getting close to the grand unveiling. (Along with some other grand announcements in the writing/book department around the same time, so stay tuned for that.)

 #9: Hamlette is hosting an I Love Austen Week soon!! (Splendid, is it not?) If you haven't already, do read her post and you can join in HERE. I'm planning a couple posts and it promises to be an absolutely lovely time.

#10: What do you all think of a reading challenge? I know. I feel like I'm being extremely ambitious, but I would like to get back into reading more and I thought something super easy might work well. The number of books would be anywhere from 3-10 (because we're already nearly in February and everyone gets busy in December) and you could choose whether to share a mini or full length review. The only stipulation would be that they're books you've really wanted to read for awhile and haven't previously reviewed. (Preferably previously unread too, but I suppose a reread could be fine as well.) What do you all think? Does that sound manageable/interesting to anyone?

Now I think I'll head off to get some lunch and then outdoors for some fresh air and exercise. I hope you're all having a lovely Tuesday!

Let me know about the reading challenge idea and I'd love to hear what you've been up to this month!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Short & Sweet

Hello everyone! As aforementioned this must necessarily be directly to the point, but I just came out of period drama land (whilst washing dishes at the same time ;)) and felt the urgent need to hit the nice orange Publish button.


And ohhhh.... my. It's not one of my absolute tippity top favorites yet (it takes a lot to compete with N&S etc.), but I don't know when I've cried so much (both sad and happy tears) for a film. And I can't believe all the new period drama friends I've made!

Truth be told, I'm already hoping to rewatch it with my mom when she comes to visit next week. (And review coming eventually... I'm sure. ;))

So tell me! I have to know. Have you seen Bleak House?

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