Friday, March 23, 2018

5 Reasons I Love Living in a Small House

First off, for a little background, I’m no stranger to tight quarters. Till I was eighteen, my family lived first in an apartment and then in a 900 square foot house (all 7 of us). My mother was, and is, a master organizer. In addition, a comfortable level of orderliness and purging was the order of the day.

So now (and not to say I don't love looking at and dreaming of visiting places like


or this,

or that if we have a large family and decide to build someday we might not plan something bigger), but, since getting more of a handle on my own organizational plan in this second year of marriage/seeing how the work I put into the house in the first year is paying off, I’ve come to personally really appreciate a small floor plan.

So here are 5 reasons why I love living in a small house:

1. There’s the obvious plus of more inexpensive heating and cooling. And changing/playing around with interior design elements is less of an investment -- i.e. your $100 worth of paint goes a long way.

2. Cleaning. Cleaning is WAY faster. It'd be misleading to say it's easy peasy (it most definitely isn't and I do not in any way have my cleaning schedule down pat yet), but because it’s smaller there just is LESS. Fewer windows, less floor to sweep/vacuum/mop. One bathroom.

3. It forces you to purge.

4. It’s easier to keep track of everyone. You don’t have to shout. And you can hear what the baby or toddler is up to.

5. First for a quick proviso, this is NOT to say you can’t have a close knit family in a mansion (I’m not saying that A’TALL), but, by nature, living in a small space does tend toward creating close knit bonds (between parents, parents and children, and child and child). Of course, it can all very easily turn sour, too, so it’s really and always God’s grace granting the fruits of the Spirit to each and every member, but living in a small place can definitely facilitate/be one of the means He uses. You’re bumping elbows all the time and it forces you to keep short accounts. (Note: I’m not against corners and reading nooks and quiet places either – on the contrary, it’s one of the first things I’ve been thinking about when rearranging things in the house.)

Now since everything’s happening in the same areas you do have to stay on top of things or everything will quickly start falling to pieces. The mess is right there under foot, and you can’t close the door on it and just move to a different area of the house. No, one must simply gird up ones loins and just do something about it. ;D But then, when it's all tidied up and you can see the floor again it's such a very rewarding feeling.

So there you are! What are some of the reasons you're thankful for where you are -- large or small? Would you like some organization posts sometime? :)


  1. I have lived in a BIG house for many years now, and I'm of two minds about it . . . I very much appreciate having the space for the ten of us to "stretch out," if you will; but I ALSO miss the cute little baby house we had when we lived in Connecticut.

    I think when I get married myself, I'd probably like a small place. They're so cozy :)

  2. My husband and I have been living in small spaces since our first apartment 13.5 yeas ago... I know it's been good for us and our young family for all the reasons you listed... (though I am NOT the most organized person... and apparently I'm not good at teaching what organizational skills I do possess...) :)

    I am looking forward to building a slightly larger space in the near future and having some space to spread out a little and let the kids run around a bit more (like having a large, unfinished basement they can roller-blade around in during the super cold winters... that will be fun) :) and not having to worry about whether or not our downstairs neighbors hate us for being too loud... that will be nice. :)

  3. Good morning. Hubby and I live in a small house. I'm not sure of the square footage, but it's a two bedroom historic home. I've noticed when we have people over for dinner or anything, we invite fewer people, but the gathering is more intimate. I had a Christmas party in 2017 and the food was in the dining room and we all sat on the sofa in the living room and enjoyed one another, chatted, ate and had a good time. We weren't scattered all over the house. I do like big homes though, but I'm staying where I am for awhile.

  4. I love this, Heidi! Though we're in a (rather large) rental home at the moment, SMALLER is one of the key things my mom is looking for in the next house we buy, for many of the reasons you touched on, especially the cleaning and expenses side of things.

    And on purging....'hem! We thought we had done such a good job of getting rid of things before our move, but during the actual process...eek! How ever does a family of four have so. much. stuff?? We're hoping to purge more and more during our stay at the rental so as to have an easier move to a final destination. ;)

    Anyhow, I really enjoyed this kind of post from you! :D

  5. We enjoyed our large home filled with kids and grand kids for many years, but we are REALLY enjoying our new small home!

  6. Cool! I live in a "medium" house, which I like, but "I do love a cottage; don't you, my love?" ;D

    I'm honestly just looking forward to any posts about your life right now -- be they organization, fashion, what have you! :)

  7. We lived in a very small apartment for 3 years -- moved in right after we had baby #1 and lived there until baby #2 was nearly a year old. While I did appreciate being able to keep track of what the little ones were doing at all times, I basically hated how crammed we were. I had a very active boy toddler to deal with in the middle of a great, big city, and I am not exaggerating when I say there were times when we went to the local playground three times a day. We had no yard to play in, but we had to get out of that tiny space, so the playground it was. I felt like I was caged up and being slowly squeezed smaller and smaller -- I've never been claustrophobic, but I had a really hard time dealing with that many people in those confines. It wasn't really that much smaller than the apartment we had before we had kids, but it was just smaller enough to be unpleasant for me. My husband, on the other hand, had no problem with it.

    Now, if you count the half-finished basement, we live in a 3,000-square-foot house with a quarter acre of land. My house is a giant mess all the time, and I don't care a bit. I can be in a different room from everyone else if I need to, I can separate the kids if they're annoying each other, and I no longer have to escape the confines of our living space just so I can take a deep breath.

    Part of me has always been attracted to really tiny living quarters, like Gypsy wagons and so on, but those 3 years in that apartment convinced me I would go stir-crazy.

    But I'm glad you find your little house cozy and happy-making instead of confining! I think if I had a little house, but a lot of land, I would be okay.

  8. Hi, I've nominated you over at my blog for The Liebster Award.


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