Monday, February 8, 2021

Valentine's Day Period Drama Party: Kick-off post & Tag!

*scattering confetti and rosebuds hither and yon*

Come one, come all, our romantic period drama party has officially arrived!

For more details/buttons see the announcement post here, but again, this is for basically anything you can dream up connected to our theme -- film reviews, character studies, general enthusiastic effusions, etc. etc... ;)  Also, if you've only seen a handful of period dramas, don't be shy! We'd still love to have your thoughts and insight. :) 

More games coming here in the next few days and right now our tag is below for your copying pleasure. 

***After posting anything be sure to come back here and leave a link in the comments section on this kick-off post so everyone else can see it.*** I'll also be posting a round-up with everyone's links at the end of the festivities.

Now let us to the party! Hooray, I can't wait to see what y'all come up with!


Valentine's Day Period Drama Tag

1) Your current three (or up to five!) favorite period dramas?

2) What would you recommend to someone who’s never seen a period drama as a starter?

3) A favorite couple that wouldn’t be included in answer #1 (cause I’m figuring those are already top favorites ;)) and/or a favorite secondary character romance? 

4) What do you consider foundational qualities for a healthy romance? 

5) Worst villain/antagonist?

6) A favorite proposal scene?

7) Favorite period drama characters based on a real life couple?

8) Any classic b/w period dramas you like?

9) Most mature romance in a period drama? (mature as in age and/or characters who are consciously and wisely ripened by life experience, etc.)

10) Most excruciatingly long, slow burn romance in a period drama?

11) A story that has multiple film adaptations where you love more than one of them?

12) A book you think needs to be made into a film (or a new adaptation)?


  1. Yayyyyyyyyyy!! So excited for this party!!

    Here's my post, "Jane Austen's Love Triangles":

  2. Hi, Heidi! Here's mine: Thanks again for doing this--it's such a cool idea. :-)

  3. Hi here's my post.. seems I put it in the wrong place...

  4. I loved your questions!

  5. Huzzah! So glad it's started. Here's my review of The Three Musketeers (1948). I'll do the tag soon, too!

  6. So fun!!! My first post (might get around to the tag if I can):

  7. Here's mine, on Lorna Doone:

  8. I posted my answers to the tag. Because I only allow myself to do so many posts a month I combined it with the tag for Cordy's Lovely Blog Party. Is that okay? Because if not I am totally flexible and can make them into two different posts!

  9. Here's my tag.

  10. What a lovely blog party! I wrote a Valentine's Day review of Rose in Bloom by Louisa May Alcott. Here's the link:

  11. Hello Heidi! I just published my review of 'The Love Letter'! Here's the link:

  12. I talk about the 2019 Little Women here:

    Thanks for hosting, Heidi!

  13. Here are my tag answers!

  14. I did your tag! It was super fun, thanks for coming up with all those awesome questions!

  15. Here's my post about Juliet and Dawsey:

  16. I wrote for Raoul and Christine from the 2004 The Phantom of the Opera film. Hard to believe it's been so long. They're an innocent couple, full of goodness, light and hope, so even though the story is a little dark, the fact that their loves wins out in the end makes it all worthwhile.

    1. And here are my answers to your delightful tag!

  17. Just posted my tag post! :)

  18. My tag post has just been published! Here's the link:

  19. Huzzah! Here are my tag answers:

  20. Here is my post on my ten favorite period drama couples:

  21. I had so much participating!! Here are my posts! <3

    Period Drama Couples who need more love:

    The Tag:

  22. Alright, I know I'm late, but here are my tag answers:
    Thank you for hosting your party!
    Yours truly,


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